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How to Watch UFC 243 Whittaker vs Adesanya Main Card Free Online?

UFC 243 is a big event for the fans of UFC lover. To watch UFC is always a Pay Per View event. If though it’s a pay per view event so of that there have few option to watch free online live streaming option. Now I discus how to watch UFC 243 free live online. To watch online ufc event can enjoy only verified user. For that reason the ufc lover to access the main card event you need to create a free account. So to enjoy main card free stream online from any where just SIGNUP.

Good news for the UFC and NRL fans because the NRL Grand Final 2019 also the kick-off 6 October. In Sydney at ANZ Stadium NRL Grand Final 2019 will be held. So if you sign up for the UFC 243 or NRL Grand Final 2019 you can access are both free. So Click here for details and enjoy the the online free live stream.

UFC Pay Per View Cost

Pay per View of the UFC Main Card depended on the live stream provider. So let to contract before to buy the pay per view service. My advice is that to watch the main card free online, so watch online Click here.

Where the Event will be Held?

The UFC 243 is a upcoming ultimate fighting championship held to Australia in Melbourne city at Marvel Stadium.

Which ground for UFC 243?

This is the for ufc 243 live stream

UFC 243 live will be broadcast from the Marvel Stadium, Melbourne Australia. It is a docklands Stadium for the sponsorship right of Marvel it is now called Marvel Stadium. The stadium broke ground 1997 October. The capacity of this stadium is 53,359 sets. Postal location of this stadium is 740 Bourke St, Docklands VIC 3008, Australia.

How to watch UFC 243 on Smart Phone?

To watch UFC all event on any types of Smart Phone are very easy. The Smart Phone user to watch online live stream create a free account here.

What is the odd of the UFC upcoming Event?

The main event with odd details

The odd of the upcoming event of the UFC 243 is Whittaker 6/11 and the Adesanya is 6/5

When the Main Card will be start?

The main event of UFC 243 the tittle of Whittaker vs Adesanya will be shown on local time 6 October 1:00 PM. And the USA time is 5 October 10:00 PM ET.

Full Card of the Main Event

  1. Robert Whittaker is the “champion” vs Israel Adesanya is the “interim champion”
  2. Al Iaquinta vs Dan Hooker both are the “lightweight”
  3. Tai Tuivasa vs Sergey Spivak both for the “heavyweight”
  4. Luke Jumeau vs Dhiego Lima are for the “welterweight”

When the Preliminary Card will be start?

The Preliminary Fight Card start before 2 hour of the main card start. So for the the local time is 6 October 11:00 AM. In the same reason USA time is 5 October 2019 8:00 PM ET.

Preliminary full Card Fighter list

  1. Jake Matthews vs Rostam Akman are for the “welterweight”
  2. Justin Tafa vs Yorgan De Castro are for the “Heavyweight”
  3. Cal Potter vs Maki Pitolo are for the “welterweight”
  4. Megan Anderson vs Zarah Farim Dos Santos are for the “featherweight”

When the Early Prelims will be start?

Early Prelims are free for the fans of ufc lover as well as the Preliminary. On the fight day the get will be open for the fans direct ticket 8:15 AM Australia local time. And the start 9:15 AM local time of Australia so for enjoy.

Early Prelims Full Fighter Card List

  1. Brad Riddell vs Jamie Mullarkey are for the “lightweight”
  2. Nadia Kassem vs Ji Yeon Kim are for the “flyweight”
  3. Khalid Taha vs Bruno Silva are for the “bantamweight”

What TV Channel broadcast the UFC 243 Fight?

There are lot of TV Channel publish the UFC 243 Fight Early Prelims and Preliminary Fight Card. Fox Sport, Network Ten and ESPN are the legal authority to broadcast the UFC 243 event.

In the USA people can watch the UFC 243 live stream on TV Channel by the FOX TV.

The UK Peoples can watch the live stream on Television for the benefit of BT Sport TV Channel.

What about the tittle fighter?

Whitteker from the ufc fight complete

Whittaker and Adesanya are the tittle fighter of ufc 243 this week. Two fighter come from two nation.


Robert John Whittaker is a New Zealand born Australian mixed martial professional artist fighter. He is the defended middleweight championship winner. Also he sign for the ultimate fight championship (UFC 243) against Israel Adesanya. He is a 28 years old fighter born on 20/12/1990. Height 1.83 M and Weight 84 kg. He is a married person. Marry to Sofia Whittaker at 2014. Now he is citizen of two nation New Zealand and Australia. So Robert John Whittaker get the support of the Australia and New Zealand fans. So best wishes for him.


Israel Adesanya with his father in a smile

Israel Adesanya is a Zew Zealand mixed martial professional artist. Also the boxer and kick-boxer. He was a contender of Glory middleweight winner. Also he is a king in the ring two time tittle of the history. Which is the most tittle history of the king of the ring. He is a Nigerian. Born 22/07/1989 in lagos, Nigeria. Height 1.93 M and Weight 84 KG. He is now a middleweight weight tittle holder of City Kickboxing team. So he is citizen of Nigeria an New Zealand. And also he is in this fight career start 2009 to present. So best wishes for him.

What prediction of the UFC 243 Fight Championship?

Prediction is very difficult to for the ultimate fight championship. Because the wining term tern off any time to the any one. For that reason the ufc fight fans are many time stay absent to predict. So some one predict this time 50-50 change to the both fighter. On the other hand Nigerian peoples predict 100% for the Israel Adesanya. They believe that Israel Adesanya must winn the UFC 243 main card tittle. In behind other view of the Australia peoples. The peoples of Australia predict this ufc 243 fight tittle on behalf 75% Robert Whittaker and 25% for Israel Adesanya.

Behind seen in the New Zealand they ahead to the fighter of Israel Adesanya so ahead. Some one are very much sure Israel Adesanya must win the ufc 243 tittle so far.

The ufc fans of United State predict 50 to 50 change for the both so no comment.

So in the view of the UFC lover there have change to win the tittle for the both. We are a ufc fans so we wishes the both fighter. So we enjoy the game we hope it.

How to watch UFC 243 Live Stream World Wide?

Hello world so good news. UFC 243 live stream broadcast on the internet. So to watch the ufc 243 live full fight with main card need to internet connection. So if you have a inter net connection you must be watch the ufc 243 fight world from any where. Because the inter net open the door. Now a days via inter net the world has been very close. So it is called globalization.

In this globalization era no one can be deprive. So for the prevention of ufc fans inter net is the great oftion to watch the ufc 243 live stream online free. UFC 243 live stream online are totally free just use some steps.

So step by step go ahead to watch the ufc 243 fight all over the world. You can follow my types. So if you watch ufc 243 live stream online free Click here and follow the direction.

Buy tickets for UFC 243?

Tickets sale for the UFC 243 start 16 August 2019 so till now. In the press conference UFC president Dana White announce that 50000 plus tickets already has been sold so far. So it is a rapid sold to the history of the UFC.

Now tickets is available to buy?

Yes the ticket for the public to watch ufc 243 live on stage ticket is available for the public so far. But it may close very shortly so advice to the fans contract to the ticket master as soon as possible.

UFC 243 Live Press Conference

Press Conference image for the ufc 243

The press conference for ufc 243 live are on you tube so watch. So to watch live press conference Whittaker vs Adesanya keep your eye on You Tube.

How to know update of ufc 243 live?

To know update about ufc 243 live stream or any other you need to watch you tube channel so for you. So before the the fight start the fans of ufc can get update on you tube. All about the update go to official you tube channel so good.

When the Countdown will be start?

Countdown image for YouTube

The countdown has been start so far. So to seen the update about the countdown of the ufc 243 go to the official. YouTube Channel. So all update are available now.

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